Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

At Pet Food Express we have centered our core values on pets and pet parents for over 30 years. We remain authentic in these values and in our customer promise to deliver products that are well-sourced and adhere to our standards. In addition, we have never wavered in our commitment to our team members and have always considered Pet Food Express, both as a company and the individuals within the company, as welcoming and inclusive of everyone. Recent events have caused us to look closer and ask, “… but are we doing our best?”

Our leadership team has begun the serious conversation around anti- racism, equity and inclusion. We truly believe Black lives matter. Going forward we will be examining our approach to creating a culture of diversity through our recruiting efforts, our systems for hiring, compensation, training, and promotion. In addition, we have reached out to our Mayor in Oakland to better understand how we can come together with our City leadership and help effect change in our greater community. We are committed to creating new processes and opportunities to engage employees in meaningful ways and we will make sure all voices are heard as a part of our improvement.

Some may ask why we are responding now, and why not sooner. We believe a statement without a commitment and plan for action would not be meaningful. Our intent is to communicate our progress as we work through our plan of action to continuously improve as a business, as an employer, and as part of our community. We look forward to the work ahead.


President and CEO, Pet Food Express