Why Build a Better Bowl?

Why Nulo?

Building a bowl is a cost-effective, fun way to ensure our pets get the nutrition and variety they need to thrive. Our basic formula for building a better bowl is: kibble + meat boost + hydration boost = one happy pet.

Olympians Michael Phelps and Tara Lipinski feed Nulo to their pets, and we know why! Nulo's nutrient and protein rich formulas are the perfect match for active, athletic dogs and energetic, playful cats. They're high in animal-based proteins, balanced with low-glycemic carbs, and finished with a patented probiotic to support healthy body conditions and stable energy.

Not ready to make the full switch from kibble? This complete and balanced system works extremely well as a kibble topper.

Prepared in a human food facility following strict processing standards.
Thoughtfully sourced meat and whole food ingredients.
Made with natural ingredients free of artificial preservatives and fillers.

Build a Better Bowl in 4 Steps!