Cats Rule Stand Up & Scoop Metal Extendable Cat Litter Scoop



Our metal cat litter scoop is the best thing ever for anyone with a bad back, with lots of cats – or anyone who just wants an easier way to scoop the litter box!

This pet scoop easily telescopes from a minimum height of 21.75in (55.2com) to a maximum height of 32.75in (83.2cm) – the perfect height for most of us who are around 5’5” tall!!! Just turn clockwise to extend and lock in. Then turn counter-clockwise to shrink. There is a label on the litter box scoop that clearly shows how to extend and then close the scoop as desired.

The handle of this metal litter box scoop is made of aluminum with a comfort grip. The grip has a hole in it so the litter scoop can hang easily if you need it to.

The bucket of this cat litter scoop is metal; oversized; and super for cleaning even tough litter and large litter boxes! We even have some customers using it as a dog pooper scooper!

Easy to clean and durable; long-lasting.

Perfect for multi-cat households

About The Manufacturer

We're a small company with big ideas and great passion. RuthAnne Miller, founder of Cats Rule, pours her heart and soul into giving you innovative, unique products that solve problems; make your life easier and the best thing - they all look great too! 

Care Instructions

We recommend cleaning off your metal kitty litter scoop frequently with a damp paper towel. Periodically wipe off or clean with a wet paper towel and a mild soap or detergent. Wipe dry. Try not to leave damp or wet.

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