Help us fill the food bank.

We’re collecting donations to get nutritious dog food into food banks, and we’d love your help.

Let’s help struggling California families
keep their pets in their loving homes.

Bags of FirstMate kibble

What is Fill the Food Bank?

Fill the Food Bank is Pet Food Express's annual campaign collecting donations to be used to purchase dog food for pet-centric food banks in our communities. We want families struggling with income or job loss in California to have access to nutritious pet food, instead of facing the tough decision to surrender their pet to a rescue or shelter. Food banks are an essential part of California's animal rescue network — not only making sure these pets stay with their families, but also relieving the pressure on an already over-taxed rescue and shelter system.

Making an Impact.

In 2020, our first-ever Fill the Food Bank campaign raised $210,436 thanks to individual donations from customers like you. 100% of these monetary donations were used to purchase high-quality pet food for donation. All counted, more than 90,000 lbs. of pet food poured in to 17 partner organizations: food banks, rescues, and shelters throughout California. Pet Food Express is proud to support California’s animal rescue network, including organizations like Valley Humane Society. You can learn more about our Community Outreach programs here.

How it works:

Hand putting a heart into a donation box


Contribute toward the purchase of FirstMate dog food, at the reduced price of $10 per 5lb. bag.

Pair of floating hearts


Pet Food Express will match the first 10,000 lbs. of donated dog food.

Heart on top of a food tray


20 of our partner pet-centric food banks in California will receive your food donations.

Close-up of snub-nosed dog

“Fill the Food Bank from last summer helped to provide most of the dry food we distributed. You are the best and most supportive partner we have with regards to this important program.”

—Sally Parsons, Valley Humane Society
Bags of FirstMate kibble

Thank You, FirstMate!

Fill the Food Bank is made possible by the generosity of our vendor partner, FirstMate. FirstMate is a family-owned company that truly believes the best nutrition is simple. They source their own ingredients and they manufacture every recipe in their human-grade cannery. Their protein-rich, nutritionally dense recipes are specifically tailored to improve the health of dogs and cats with single meat proteins and quality fruits and vegetables. This year, they have generously partnered with Pet Food Express to fill California’s food banks with nutritious pet food.

Where We're Helping Out

The map below features 20 of the food banks, rescues, and shelters that will benefit from this year’s donations. If you or someone you know needs assistance feeding or caring for a pet, we encourage you to find an organization near you and reach out for support. All our partners are low-threshold or open-admission organizations who are interested solely in the welfare of California’s pet population.