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Build a better bowl with Open Farm

Open Farm is raising the bar on ethical pet nutrition. Their highly-nutritious ingredients are ethically sourced according to the company's strict ethical standards and their Terracycle packaging is fully recyclable. If you're looking for a values-oriented pet food, family owned Open Farm is for you.

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Why Build a Better Bowl?

Building a bowl is a cost-effective, fun way to ensure our pets get the nutrition and variety they need to thrive. Our basic formula for building a better bowl is: kibble + meat boost + hydration boost = one happy pet.

bowl of pet food

Build a Better Bowl in 4 Steps!

Step One: Pick your kibble

High meat and low-carb, with ingredients you'll feel good about feeding.

Step Two: Add in freeze-dried raw

Top your kibble with a freeze-dried meat boost to maximize nutrition.

Step Three: Pick a hydration boost

Good hydration is essential for your pet's health. Add back in the liquid lost in the kibble making process with a broth or milk.

Optional: Add a stew or treat

Got an extra good dog on your hands? Consider topping your bowl off with something extra delicious.