Alcott Adventure Treat & Ball Bag



The Alcott Adventure Treat + Ball bag’s large pocket and easy closure clasp let you bring the excitement of treats and toys on all your canine adventures. it's also large enough to hold most smart phones, keys and other personal items. we made it even easier to open + close with a taller grip tab. stop messing around with velcro, drawstrings and snaps. this bag features an internal clasp (think 80s snap bracelet!) that stays shut even when you're running and doing cartwheels. 

Features + Benefits

  • Large pocket for treat + toy storage
  • Easy closure clasp

About The Manufacturer

Alcott offers dogs and their owners a complete line of gear and accessories to turn everyday walks into extraordinary adventures. Alcott products are designed to offer ease (and fun) of use for humans, comfort and safety for dogs, and a lifetime of adventure for both.

At Alcott, we’re committed to bringing adventure and fun into the lives of dogs and dog owners across the country. Whether on land or in water, around the block or across the country, there’s an unforgettable adventure waiting to be had, and we’re ready to help you discover it and make the most of it.


Size Length Height Width/Depth
One Size 5.2" 6.5" 4.8"

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