Aspen Pet Self-Warming Corduroy Round Pet Bed, Assorted



Keep your pet warm in cooler weather with Aspen Pet's Self-Warming Corduroy pet Bed. Featuring the same heat-reflecting technology found in Mylar space blankets, Aspen Pet Self-Warming Beds are lined with a layer of material that radiates warmth by reflecting your pet's own body heat, no plug or electricity required! The sleep surface is made up of a cozy, soft lambs wool plush with a corduroy fabric making up the exterior. Overstuffed bolsters provide additional support for your pet's neck, head, and back while the non-skid bottom helps keep it in place and for stability. Easy-to-clean and is machine washable. Comes in three assorted colors: Brown, Navy, or Red.


  • Reflects and retains your pet's radiated body heat
  • Space blanket technology 
  • Safe, hassle-free, no electricity required 

About The Manufacturer

As pet people ourselves, we get pets (and their parents too). That's why we're passionate about delivering peace of mind to pet owners, whether you're a novice or veteran, with quality products made with your furry (or feathered) friends' best interests at heart.


Small Dimensions - 19" L X 19" W X 7.5" H