B-Buds Carbon Training Pads

$7.19 - $13.59

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B-Buds training pads are perfect for house training puppies and small dogs. The pads can also be used with incontinent or ill dogs, on particularly cold or rainy days, on long car rides or in pet carriers or cages.

These Carbon training pads for dogs are made up of 5 protective layer:

  1. Nonwoven: Treated with pheromones to attract dogs and facilitate house training
  2. Charcoal liner: Odor control with bamboo activated carbon technology
  3. Pulp and superabsorbent polymer: Minimal tracking and deodorizer for odor control
  4. Charcoal liner: Second charcoal liner for optimal odor control
  5. Polyethylene film: Leakproof to protect floors

About The Manufacturer

It all started with the founder's dog, called Wink. She needed an orthopedic bed for her hip problem. Pet beds on the market were flimsy and did not offer any support. That's when our BeOneBreed decided to create their own.

The first Beonebreed product was born and it quickly became Wink's favorite spot! The dream of this young creative entrepreneur became reality.

Today, Beonebreed is a team of over 20 passionate pet lovers and we keep on growing!


21" L x 23" W


Remove soiled pad and put in the garbage. Place new pad in the same location.

Not intended for chewing. Place pee pad preferably away from the pet's eating and sleeping areas.