Bark & Harvest Turkey Tendon Cat & Dog Chew Treat


Your pup will love these 100% USA-sourced turkey tendons! This chew is great for small dogs that enjoy a thin chew treat.

About The Manufacturer

We're employee-owned, so we actually care about the quality of our products. We're leaders in sustainability, from the tip of our solar panels right down to our zero-waste production room. We're cozy with family farms all over the United States, New Zealand and Colombia, so we get the freshest products. We're Superior Farms Pet Provisions, and we think your dog's gonna love us.

Proper nutrition is a fundamental pillar for health and well-being not only for people, but also for their pets. We believe that natural is best whenever it is possible, and strive to offer a treat and chew line that is reflective of our philosophy: keep it pure and simple. At Superior Farms Pet Provisions we offer all natural, wholesome treats that are grain and gluten free and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or fillers. Our treats and chews are made of 100% lamb, beef, turkey, pork, or venison, as pure as it can get!

We offer high quality treats and chews with the health and safety of your pet in mind. We have a strict quality control program at all phases of production to ensure that your pet is receiving the highest possible quality of treat and chew available. We work hard to create nutritious, safe, and delicious treats and chews, from our farms, to your pet.


Turkey tendons, coconut glycerin