Bayer Advantus Dog Soft Chew Flea Treatment



Bayer’s Advantus is a chewable flea treatment that can be given to dogs as an immediate flea relief measure. Advantus starts killing adult fleas within one hour of dosing and can be given on consecutive days if your dog becomes re-infested. During efficacy testing, Advantus achieved greater than 96% effectiveness against adult fleas within four hours of dosing. Remember, if your dog has fleas, so does your home. If you are treating your cat for an active flea infestation, please take steps to also treat your environment. Vacuum your home thoroughly, wash and dry bedding, rugs, and clothes on the hottest settings, and use environmental flea control products to eradicate the issue.

About The Manufacturer

Bayer, founded in Germany in 1863, has over 150 years of experience in the pharmaceutical healthcare industry. Bayer’s first animal-specific healthcare product, Neguvon, a flea and tick control product, launched in 1919. Since then, Bayer has developed a large portfolio of animal healthcare products, including many well-used flea and tick products such as Advantage in 1996, K9 Advantix in 2002, Advantage II in 2011, and Seresto in 2013. Bayer products are efficacy and safety tested, making them a well-trusted option for your pet!


To give Advantus, place the soft chew directly in your dog’s mouth or allow your dog to take the soft chew from your hand. Watch closely to ensure your dog swallows the soft chew.

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