Curli Clasp Air-Mesh Vest Small Dog Harness


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The new “curli clasp” solves one of the industry‘s biggest challenges - Now the Leash and harness can be attached with one hand. High-strength, color-matching POM material for the clasp, withstands tensile loads of up to 220lbs. Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit thanks to a new pattern and a new size scale.

About The Manufacturer

Curli is a Swiss-based company that was born in 2010. The founder – Mark Zimmermann, from the Wallis Canton and his partner Roland Primus from the Graubünden Canton – are the brains behind curli. However, it was Mark’s dog Kylie that provided the initial inspiration for the company. Mark realized that there was a gap in the market for high-quality dog products that could perform under the most testing circumstances.

Mark and Roland both have a background in outdoor pursuits and winter sports – it is this experience, combined with a love of snowboarding and mountaineering that brought them together in 1993. Mark is responsible for the design orientation of the products and operations at curli. Roland will look after the strategy and the process-oriented benefits surrounding them.

As a team, they have an all or nothing approach – the products must support the claims they make – after all, when you are alone on the mountain, trust in your kit is paramount. It is this trust and reliance that sets curli products apart.


Size Weight Chest Circumference
XXX-Small 3.30 - 6.61 lbs 10.51 - 11.85 inches
XX-Small 4.40 - 8.81 lbs 11.86 - 13.30 inches
X-Small 6.61 - 11.02 lbs 13.31 - 15.03 inches


Fabric: Polyester
Velcro: Nylon
Belts: PP
Curli Clasp: POM