Doyen Timeless Classic DoyenCat Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy



Timeless Classic features the most popular Doyen Pet toy in an assortment of energetic, dynamic colors with a pleasing and harmonious vibe for your cat to play with. For non-playtime, the beautiful Timeless Classic can be on display for your enjoyment.

It’s self-balancing, wobbling figure with distinctive animal ears and food dispenser will keep your pet engaged as they play for their treat. Playtime doesn’t stop when the treats are gone. The patent pending design features a unique chamber to hold an enticing herb such as catnip and anise seeds to entertain your pet for hours.

About The Manufacturer

Our mission is to be a leader in creating inspirational products beyond the traditional bounds of existing pet brands. We design and bring one-of-a-kind products to the market while simultaneously creating and offering a product platform for emerging artists from around the globe to showcase their unique artwork.

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