Fat Cat Catfisher Teasers Crawdaddy Wand Cat Toy


Ahoy; Lads and Lassies! It's time to breakout the bait and have some kitty fishing fun! Simply grab the wand and give 'er a twirl and watch the clawsome craziness begin! The FAT CAT Catfisher Teasers Crawdaddy Wand is great for interactive play; which helps strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The dangler at the end of the Catfisher Teasers Crawdaddy Wand is plush and contains organic; USA grown Zoom Around the Room catnip.

About The Manufacturer

Fat Cat is on a mission to "Make People and Their Pets Laugh" using innovative cat and dog products, creative designs, and a funky sense of humor. You might be as entertained as your pet with these toys.


36" L x 2" W