Hamilton Go Boldly Raspberry & Wine Dog Leash


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Multi-use leash designed for any pet on-the-go that features two-tone herringbone nylon and matte black hardware.

Neoprene padded handle with integrated buckle for safe tethering while out & about.

Adjust the length between 4′ & 6′ easily at any time.

Use the neoprene padded traffic handle to keep pets even closer.

Accessory ring at the handle will secure used / unused poop bags or other walking accessories.

About The Manufacturer

Welcome to the Hamilton brand of products. Established in 1973, we are proud of our 40 year heritage of equipping our customers with the highest quality, premium products available for pets, horses, and other animals. Our founding vision of providing comfort, quality and style, combined with innovative premium nylon and leather goods has become our legacy. Sturdy construction, strong materials and innovative designs such as our Safe-Hold adjustable collar reflect our commitment to the safety and comfort of pets and their owners.


6' x 1"