Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Puzzle Bowl Cat Toy

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The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Puzzle Toy is a 2-in-1 cat toy and feeding bowl that utilizes your cat's natural hunting instincts for an entertaining feeding time! The fishtails can be rotated easily, rearranged, or removed from a continuously changing puzzle. If your cat is a fast eater, you can place their food in the spaces between the fish tails to make the toy a slow feeder and slow down eating and aid digestion. If your cat is a messy eater, the outer trough catches any mess your cat may leave behind. The fishtail plate can also be removed to access a full-sized, elevated food bowl. This Jackson Galaxy product is sure to keep your cat interested, as it offers mental stimulation for your cat using their natural instincts through problem-solving play. Constructed using a melamine base with rubber feet that limits excess movement. The silicone fish tails are easily removed for cleaning.

About The Manufacturer

Jackson Galaxy is dedicated to making sure your life with a pet is the best it can be by providing great products, expert advice, and connection with others who love cats as much as you do. Jackson Galaxy has decades of experience with improving the lives of cats and guardians, and began using super-effective Holistic Solutions with his own pets. He later partnered with a vet to expand the line to help with even more health and behavioral issues.

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