Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Iguana Replacement Cat Toy, Assorted



This toy comes in assorted colors. Please let us choose for you. 

Does your cat stalk bugs, lizards and other critters that scurry about? Then the Jackson Galaxy® Ground Prey Iguana might be the perfect fit for your cat. The Ground Prey Iguana works with the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand to provide you and cat hours of interactive playtime! Ball and socket joints create a realistic movement that resembles actual living ground prey. Provides a satisfying 'catch' for any cat once the 'hunt' is over. Available in assorted colors. Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand sold separately.

The design allows for realistic movement that resembles ground prey

Compatible with all Jackson Galaxy Wands

Provides a satisfying "catch" when the "hunt" is over

About The Manufacturer

Jackson Galaxy is dedicated to making sure your life with a pet is the best it can be by providing great products, expert advice, and connection with others who love cats as much as you do. Jackson Galaxy has decades of experience with improving the lives of cats and guardians, and began using super-effective Holistic Solutions with his own pets. He later partnered with a vet to expand the line to help with even more health and behavioral issues.


6.75" L x 1" W x 1" H

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