JW Disco Ball Bird Toy

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For parakeets, cockatiels and similarly sized birds.

The JW Pet ActiviToy Disco Ball bird toy attracts your pet bird to dance as the many mirror-like surfaces made up of tiny reflective squares catches light from all directions. Easy to securely hang from a wire cage, just curl the plastic hanger around the wire. Features a bell for your pets added enjoyment and entertainment. Relieves cage boredom and engages your bird's motor skills. Great for cockatiels, parakeets and similarly sized birds.

About The Manufacturer

JW pet products are intelligently designed to improve the lives of pets and pet parents. With JW, pet products go beyond the obvious and search for the newest innovation. Every product from JW is the result of hands-on product research and development, which might just explain how they have over 100 patents!


The disco ball has a 2.25" diameter. With its hanger and bell, it's approximately 6" long.

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