Litter Genie Plus Multi-Cat Cat Litter Disposal System



Litter Genie® Plus Multi Cat is the ultimate in pet odor control

Introducing Litter Genie® Plus Multi Cat Pail, the large capacity cat litter disposal system that helps lock litter and odor away to keep your home fresh, no matter how many cats you have.

Holds up to 50%, more soiled litter than our standard size Litter Genie pails, eliminating the need for daily trips to the trash.

Contains a durable, 7 layer Litter Genie® refill that helps lock away odor (One refill lasts 10 weeks with one cat).

Is easy to use with a simple 3 step process. Just scoop, lift lid, and pull handle.

Added antimicrobial inhibits odors caused by bacteria on pail

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About The Manufacturer

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9.35"L x 9.35"W x 22"H