Nature's Cafe Cockatiel Buffet with No Sunflowers Bird Food


A balanced blend of premium, natural seeds, grains and vegetables.

Nature’s Cafe Cockatiel Buffet No Sunflower provides optimal nutrition for your pet bird. This wholesome diet provides natural protein, fiber, oils and nutrients that birds need on a daily basis. It is also fortified with vitamins, minerals and probiotics and antioxidants to support a healthy immune and digestive system.

  • Fresh, high quality seed blends
  • Mixes developed by passionate caged bird and small animal experts
  • Sourced directly from the farmers that grow the seeds

About The Manufacturer

Nature’s Café makes natural foods and unique feeders for all kinds of animals. Whether you're looking to attract wild birds to your backyard, offer a natural diet to domestic birds or meet the nutritional needs of small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits, Nature's Café has you covered! 


White millet, safflower seed, canary seed, oat groats, buckwheat, diced carrots, raisins, pumpkin seed, diced papaya, flax seed, banana chips, diced pineapple, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D supplement, yeast culture

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 13%
Crude fat (min) 10%
Crude fiber (max) 12%
Bacillus licheniformis (min) 38,775CFU/g
Moisture (max) 12%