P.L.A.Y. Party Time Collection Bone-Appetite Cake Plush Dog Toy


You can’t pawsibly have a celebration without a touch of P.L.A.Y., so let us help you get the party started with our Party Time Bone-Appetite Plush Cake with squeaker and crinkle sounds! Decorate the room with balloons and fill up the goodie bags with fun party horns. No pawty is complete without a tasty cake, especially one that never goes bad. 

About The Manufacturer

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You is headquartered in San Francisco, California and specializes in premium, stylish and eco-friendly pet beds, toys & accessories. Founded in 2010, P.L.A.Y. all started with an adorable, irresistible ball of fur. She was Momo the pug. Unable to find a reasonably priced bed that was good enough for his beloved dog, founder Will Chen realized he could do better. He set out to make beds that were not only comfy for animals, but stylish for their owners and also better for our planet. 


5.5” x 5.5” x 6.3”