Patchwork Pet PatchCat Holiday Gift Box


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Each box set contains 9 adorable toys related to the Holiday theme. All toys with intricate shapes and details - some with catnip. Your cat or kitten will enjoy having a play toy "choice" and just their cuteness alone will make you smile.

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for all size cats
  • 9 toys included
  • Different functions in each toy; bell, crinkle, catnip

About The Manufacturer

Patchwork Pet is a family business and like you, they're dog people. They care about their dogs which means they care about your dogs too. At Patchwork Pet, they strive to make the most high quality toys that are both functional, affordable and always serve a purpose.


 Size:  Dimensions: 
One Size 3"


Patchwork Pet PatchCat Holiday Gift Box Includes: 9 toys