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Pee Smart Ultra Housebreaking Pads

$12.99 - $24.99

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Pet Food Express Pee Smart Housebreaking Ultra Pads have 60% more polymers than the original pads, meaning they absorb 25% more liquid. Available only at Pet Food Express, Ultra Pads are slightly heavier, which may help prevent puppies from fussing with the pad. These pads absorb liquid more quickly and the super absorbent material holds more than 100 times its volume. The leak-proof plastic lining protects your floors and is scented to attract your puppy.

The ULTIMATE in housebreaking pads.

  • Dry in 30 seconds!
  • Rapidly absorbs liquid, virtually eliminates tracking
  • Powerful attractant makes training easy
  • Leak-proof plastic lining protects floors
  • Advanced odor blocking technology
  • Sizes: Regular 24" x 24", X-Large 30" x 30"

About The Manufacturer

Pet Food Express employees adopt a lot of dogs. That means lots of housebreaking, both at home and at our Oakland office. We tried every pee pad on the market, but couldn’t find one that absorbed moisture well enough to prevent leakage and keep liquids off our puppies’ paws. Eventually, we created our own, and found a company to produce them for us. Try them once and you’ll know why we went to so much trouble.