Petmate Replendish & Mason Charcoal Replacement Filters

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To maintain your pet's health and well-being, regularly check your dog or cat's feeding and watering systems' parts and accessories for replacement. Petmate Replendish Replacement Filters are a direct replacement for Replendish Waterers or Mason Style Waterers. The unique external polyester material captures sediments and the internal charcoal element controls chlorine levels and odor. Prior to use, be sure to remove the outer plastic covering on the filter and rinse under cold water. Once the water runs clear, place filter back in cap section with flat side upwards then apply filter strap across top. After filling the bottle with water, attach cap and then insert back into the base for usage to begin. We recommend rinsing the filter at each water change and replacing the filter every 6-8 weeks. Includes three filters and a filter strap.

About The Manufacturer

As pet people ourselves, we get pets (and their parents too). That's why we're passionate about delivering peace of mind to pet owners, whether you're a novice or veteran, with quality products made with your furry (or feathered) friends' best interests at heart.

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