Petrageous BamWare Pet Bowl

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This BamWare non-slip plastic bowl is made of 60% bamboo, 30% melamine, and 10% water. It's BPA free, top rack dishwasher safe, and comes in two sizes, one that holds 1.5 cups (5.75") and one that holds 2.5 cups (6.75").The hole in the side provides an easy gripping point while preventing suction if water spills around the edges. It comes in two soothing colors, olive green and slate gray.

About The Manufacturer

The driving force behind PetRageous Designs is its founder, Gretchen George. Gretchen's love for animals and her design savvy are present in every product we create. In designing our products, she works from one simple premise: dogs and cats should fit comfortably in their homes. Her friendly and practical designs make it easy for the pets and their owners to keep a fashionably trendy and organized pet dining area, have outrageously fun playtime, travel safely together and enjoy stylish, functional pet attire.

Gretchen's commitment to the comfort and safety of pets shows in our packaging. We list the benefits of each item so pet owners know they're making the right choice in buying PetRageous Designs. In 2009, Gretchen began adding notes to all our packages and hang tags. Drawing from her own experiences with her Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, Brady, she offers tips for other pet owners, related to the item they're purchasing. Gretchen hopes PetRageous Designs' consumers will come to see her as a trusted friend; our informative, friendly packaging is just one more step in building that relationship.


The gray bowl has a 6.75" diameter and a 2.5 cup capacity.

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