Poo Smart Rainbow Dog Waste Disposal Refill Bags with Tie Handles


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Poo Smart bags are durable and earth friendly. They are odor neutralizing and made with recycled plastic infused with Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) which helps the plastic degrade faster than an untreated plastic. The tie handles make it easy to seal these bags on the go. Available exclusively at Pet Food Express, these rainbow clean-up bags are made in California and come in a variety of colors.

About The Manufacturer

Occasionally we can’t find a product with the features our customers want at a price we think is fair. So, we make our own. From raincoats to poop bags to tennis balls, our PFE-made products are a labor of love, both for our pets and for yours. We work with local family-run businesses as much as possible and many of our products are packaged by students and adults with developmental disabilities.


Bag Size Length Width
One Size 17" 5.5"