Primal Raw Frozen Meaty Bones Turkey Necks for Dogs & Cats



Primal Raw Meaty Bones Turkey Necks are made with USA-raised turkey with no added hormones or antibiotics. The fresh turkey is a natural source of protein, fat, and calcium, as well as an optimal source of amino and essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. These bones are great for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

*Primal recreational bones are NOT to be completely consumed and should always be fed under the supervision of a human being.

About The Manufacturer

In early 2000, Primal founder Matt Koss found that his dog, Luna, was displaying early signs of renal failure. After taking the advice of a holistic veterinarian, Matt created his own raw pet food for Luna. He noticed that she quickly began to show an increase in appetite, energy, and overall happiness. After seeing the results of a raw diet firsthand, Matt founded Primal so that other pets could enjoy a happier, healthier, more vibrant life as well.


Turkey Neck

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 18%
Crude Fat (min) 6%
Crude Fiber (max) 0.2%
Moisture (max) 71%

Turkey Meat, Fat and Bone 100% 
Bone Content  10%
CA-to-P ratio 1.75:1

Feeding Instructions

  • Turkey necks can be fed up to 30% of your pet's daily ration. 
  • Always monitor your dog when feeding raw meaty bones.
  • Raw meaty bones can be completely consumed.

Special Note

Chews, bones, and treats can be a great way to keep your dog happy and help them manage destructive behaviors. Please keep in mind that when selecting treats for your dog, If you believe your dog can swallow it whole, it’s too small. A good rule of thumb is to look for options that are at least twice the size of your dog’s mouth. And always remember to supervise your dog, especially if it’s a new type of chew. Remember to always treat responsibly!