Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber Retrieving Dog Toy, Assorted

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Floppy flexible flying discs made of solid rubber let your dog play all day long without harming teeth & gums. Fun to throw for kids and adults alike, K9 Flyer is easy to throw, catch, and pick up. One of our most popular toys, K9 Flyer comes in 2 sizes, so all dogs can get in on the action!

About The Manufacturer

Ruff Dawg – a division of Jefferson Rubber Works ,is a family owned rubber molding company in Worcester MA, founded in 1975. Back in 1995, Jefferson Rubber Works was making a 9 inch diameter rubber disc used for water aeration at wastewater treatment plants. In any manufacturing run, some pieces are imperfect and discarded. The team members took advantage of the part’s aerodynamic shape and began tossing around these imperfect discs as break time entertainment.

When sales of the part dropped off in 1999, the idea of doing something different with it took hold. They made up samples of the disc in different colors, and sent them home with all the dog owners who worked at the factory to test. All reports came back positive, and after a factory-wide contest to name the creation, the K9-Flyer, and Ruff Dawg was born.

The K9-Flyer debuted at the Chicago pet industry trade show, and was such a big hit it sold out – and people were clamoring for even more toys! Since then, Ruff Dawg has developed a full line of durable rubber toys, and then in 2013, Ruff Dawg acquired Astrobone, a dog chew-toy manufacturing company also based in Worcester, and the Ruff Bone line of chew toys was added to the fold.

All Ruff Dawg & Ruff Bone toys are made entirely in the USA, of premium, non-toxic, FDA-approved materials. Our motto “changing the way pets play” continues to inspire us to develop safe, fun & colorful toys designed to delight dogs of all sizes.


The K9 Flyer has a 9.5" diameter for large to medium dogs. The K9 Flyer Jr. has a 6.5" diameter for medium to small dogs.