Simple Solutions Pee Post Outdoor Dog Training Aid



Getting your beloved furbaby to “go” where you want them to can be such a pain. And potty training is a chore! With the Simple Solution Pee Post Outdoor Dog Training Aid and a little patience, you can help your pet hit the spot. The secret is in the pheromones. Dogs mark their territory by depositing pheromones when they urinate. Our pee post is infused with pheromones, which prompt your dog’s natural instinct to urinate. Follow the instructions, and keep to a dedicated daily routine of positive reinforcement. You can do this.

About The Manufacturer

For more than 30 years, the Hero Pet Brands family has helped pet parents be heroes to their pets. From grooming and nutrition to waste pickup and cleanup, we remove the challenges and stress for you and your furry companions. We are determined to create new solutions and improve our proprietary formulas. Our dedication to industry-leading science means innovative and safe products that are good for your pet, your home, and our planet.


Choose the desired outdoor spot for your pet to do his business – preferably a quiet grassy area, away from your pet’s food and water. Gently hammer the rounded head of the Pee Post 4″ to 5″ into the ground.

Tip: Keep your pet indoors while you’re hammering so he won’t associate the loud noise with the Pee Post. Introduce your pet to the Pee Post, with Go Here technology. Let him smell the special marking pheromones. When he goes, praise him enthusiastically. If he does not perform, do not scold him, but continue to bring him back to the spot each time he may need to go. Continue this process until your pet consistently eliminates near the Pee Post.