Ultra Monthly Monitor Early Illness Detection Program for Cats


Ultra Monthly Monitor helps cat owners ensure awareness of any early signs of illness. Simply add Ultra Monthly Monitor to your cat's litter and observe results.

Easy to use- WORKS with all types of litter

– Simply pour on top of a newly filled litter box
– After your cat uses the litter box, wait at least 10 minutes
– Compare the color of the Monthly Monitor Crystals to this color scale:


– If the Crystals are an abnormal color, it is recommended you contact your veterinarian
– If the Crystals are a normal color, it’s okay to stir them in with your litter to help control odor 

About The Manufacturer

We provide innovative pet products that improve the quality of life for pets and pet owners while providing these products at values to you, our customer.


For best results, daily:
1. Remove feces using litter scoop and dispose of properly
2. Stir the entire litter box contents, especially the bottom

Important Notice

Important Notice: Ultra Monthly Monitor cannot detect every urinary abnormality, only your cat’s veterinarian can undertake such a diagnosis. Ultra Monthly Monitor is NOT for “at home diagnosis” and should NEVER be used as a substitute for veterinary care!

If you feel your cat is having health or urinary problems contact your veterinarian even if the Ultra Monthly Monitor has not shown colors in the low or high pH ranges