Wigzi Retractable Reflective Gel Dog Leash

$24.99 - $34.99


The Wigzi Reflective Gel Leash has a handle filled with liquid gel which conforms to your hand for ultimate comfort. It also allows you and your pet to be seen at night due to the awesomely bright reflective panels and tape. You'll also enjoy smooth retraction and easy to use buttons to control your dog. The Reflective Gel Leash is made with the highest quality parts and will last for years. Inside each leash is a stainless steel spring that won't rust and will keep retracting for years. Our stainless steel springs can cycle back and forth over 70,000 times. You can trust Wigzi's quality and brand reputation for years to come. The liquid gel inside is non-toxic for the safety of you and your pet. Tape leads are standard.

About The Manufacturer

Wigzi invents, designs, produces and markets our very own high quality leashes. You'll love the way they feel and the problems they solve.


Size Length Dog weight
Small 13 feet Up to 26 lbs
Medium 16 feet Up to 44 lbs
Large 16 feet Up to 110 lbs

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