Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food

$26.99 - $65.99

Orijen Cat & Kitten features an incredible 85% poultry, fish, and egg ingredients, including five fresh animal products in whole prey ratios that include muscle meat, organ meat, and cartilage. Both chicken and turkey are highly-digestible sources of...

Farmina Pet Foods

Farmina N&D Quinoa Urinary Duck Adult Dry Cat Food


Farmina N&D Quinoa Digestion is a dry adult cat food that features duck as the primary source of protein. This limited ingredient diet is rich in cranberries, which assist in urinary health. Complete and balanced, this food has no grains and no...


Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe Dry Cat Food

$21.99 - $49.99

Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe is a grain-free, mixed-protein food featuring USA- and France-sourced duck, USA-sourced chicken, and USA-sourced turkey. This food includes antioxidant- and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables such as blueberries,...


PureVita Grain Free Chicken & Peas Entree Dry Cat Food

$27.99 - $45.99

PureVita Grain-Free Chicken and Peas Entrée is a limited ingredient dry cat food featuring chicken and a variety of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables including carrots, apricots, and cherries. Peas provide a low-glycemic, high-protein...

Open Farm

Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

$24.99 - $39.99

Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Recipe is a grain-free, dry cat food that certified humane, antibiotic turkey and chicken, which are excellent sources of protein; and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. A balanced blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty...


NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food

$22.99 - $36.99

NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken and Rice is an all-life-stages dry cat food that features farm-raised, Humane Certified light and dark chicken meat from Minnesota, and USA-sourced, wild-caught whitefish. Brown rice, a whole grain, is easily digested...

Blue Buffalo

Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food

$22.99 - $39.99

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe for Adult Cats is a grain-free, dry cat food that features chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal; as well as whole grains and vegetables. Sweet potatoes deliver healthy complex carbohydrates, which provide dietary...


Fromm Four-Star Salmon Tunachovy Dry Cat Food


Fromm Four-Star Salmon Tunachovy is a grain-free dry cat food combining wild salmon, tuna, and anchovy with a medley of fresh Mediterranean garden vegetables. These fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon provides high levels of vitamin D and tuna...

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild Canyon River Feline Recipe Dry Cat Food

$16.99 - $34.99

What wild cat doesn’t crave the taste of a fish dinner? Made with trout and smoked salmon, the only source of animal protein in this formula is fish, so it can be a good option for cats with food allergies or sensitivities. Nutrient-packed...


NutriSource Senior / Weight Management Dry Cat Food


NutriSource Senior / Weight Management Cat is a dry cat food that is formulated specifically for less-active adult cats, senior cats, or overweight cats. This reduced-calorie diet contains approximately 25% fewer calories than the NutriSource Cat &...