Smart Cat

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter

$12.99 - $36.99

Smart Cat All-Natural Clumping Litter is a chemical-free, biodegradable cat litter made from 100% USA farmed grass. The grass forms strong clumps for easy removal and is soft on the paws. This fragrance-free cat litter is also dust-free, keeping your...

Petfive Brands

Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus Natural Cat Litter

$19.99 - $38.99

When it comes to controlling litter box odor, some cat lovers can never get enough of a good thing. That’s why we created Multi-Cat Plus! Our special corn-cassava blend goes through an extra processing step for performance that’s unsurpassed...

Feline Pine

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Cat Litter

$12.99 - $19.99

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Litter is an all-natural pine cat litter featuring no added fragrances. This litter absorbs liquids and odors twice as fast so your cat’s litter box stays fresh and dry. The low-dust litter is a great natural...

World's Best

World's Best Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter

$19.99 - $34.99

World’s Best Cat Litter – Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is made from whole-kernel corn, which naturally traps ammonia, the leading cause of litter box odor. This clumping cat litter is perfect for houses with two or more cats...

World's Best

World's Best Clumping Formula Cat Litter

$17.99 - $31.99

World’s Best Cat Litter – Original Clumping Formula is a clumping cat litter ideal for households with one or two cats. The odor-eliminating formula is easy to clean-up and soft on the paws. About The Manufacturer World's Best started...

Yesterday's News

Purina Yesterdays News Original Cat Litter


Purina Yesterday’s News Original Litter is made with recycled newspapers and is three times more absorbent than clay litter. The dust-free, low-tracking cat litter is environmentally friendly and has superior odor control. About The...

Smart Litter

Smart Litter Corn Blend Cat Litter

$14.99 - $24.99

Smart Litter Corn Blend is a great alternative to clay litter that controls odors and clumps. It is made from Ground Corn, Cornstarch, Sodium Bicarbonate and Soybean Oil. It is safe for kittens and works for all stages of life. This unscented litter is...


Integrity Natural Pine Cat Litter

$12.99 - $17.99

Integrity Natural Pine Cat Litter features high-treated pine pellets to absorb odors and liquids by forming soft clumps from the bottom up, leaving the surface dry for your cat. The low-tracking, low-dust litter is made of reclaimed pine wood from...

Next Gen

Next Gen Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter


Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Clumping Cat Litter is an all-natural wood-based cat litter featuring green tea, which has antioxidant properties that work as an effective deodorant and anti-bacterial agent. The wood pellets work together with the green tea...

sWheat Scoop

sWheat Scoop Fast-Clumping Cat Litter


sWheat Scoop Original Formula is a biodegradable cat litter made of 100% renewable resources that features wheat as its primary ingredient. Wheat helps to absorb liquids and odors, while the addition of Noble Ion Technology aids in further odor...

Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Cat Litter


Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter is naturally absorbent to keep the surface of the litter box dry, while its long lasting odor control system means less litter box changes. The deodorizing, triple-action enzyme system quickly destroys odors so your...


Integrity Natural Wheat+ Cat Litter

$14.99 - $24.99

Integrity Wheat Sand Cat Litter features a mix of natural wheat to form strong clumps on contact with liquids, and aspen to keep those clumps from sticking to the bottom of the box. This unique combination also delivers superior odor control. This 100%...


Integrity Cobbled Paper Cat Litter


Integrity Cobbled Paper Cat Litter is three times more absorbent than clay litters and features cobbled paper to lock away moisture with added baking soda for extra freshness. Made from 95% post-consumer recycled paper, this litter is biodegradable and...

Next Gen

Next Gen Cypress Fresh Cat Litter


Next Gen Cypress Fresh Cat Litter combines hinoki cypress wood with green tea leaves for superior odor control. This organic, all-natural cat litter features smaller pellets which help to reduce tracking outside of the litter box. About The...

Ultra Pet

Eco Kitty EcoCrystals Clumping Cat Litter


100% Natural Ingredients Made With Natural Plant Fibers Controls Odors Sustainable Low Tracking Ultra Absorbent About The Manufacturer We provide innovative pet products that improve the quality of life for pets and pet owners while providing...