Pet Waste Management

Pee Smart

Pee Smart Housebreaking Pads

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  Pet Food Express Pee Smart Housebreaking Pads are made of a super absorbent material that holds more than 100 times its volume. Available only at Pet Food Express, these pads are great for puppies and stay-at-home-dogs. The leak-proof plastic...

Jonny Cat

Jonny Cat Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners

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Heavy duty tear resistant plastic The convenient drawstring makes tossing the litter out easier, just pull, close and toss Jumbo size fits most litter boxes Made with thick plastic that prevents odor-causing waste from sticking to the sides and...

Van Ness

Van Ness Cat Litter Box

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Ideal for kittens who benefit from easy entry/exit. High polished finish that is odor & stain resistant & easy to clean. About The Manufacturer Pet-caring Products Since 1945 Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Van Ness has...

Poo Smart

Poo Smart Kitty Litter Waste Bags

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Poo Smart Cat Litter Waste Bags are essential for easy litter box clean-up. Simply line your cat’s litter box with one of these odor neutralizing bags and then when it’s time to replace the litter, remove it into the trash all at once. No...


PoochPad Reusable Dog Pee Pad

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Made with Microfine fibers and odor inhibiting technology, PoochPads are absorbent, odor-controlling pads ideal for puppies, older or incontinent dogs, and dogs that are "home-alone" throughout the work day. Use on floors, beds, cages, or any...


Petmate Ultimate Cat Litter Scoop, Assorted

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The Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop is a necessity for any traditional cat litter box. This molded plastic scoop is light-weight yet strong enough to do some serious scooping. A unique extra-long user-friendly handle makes sifting easier in difficult to...


NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Spray

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ELIMINATES ODORS from such places as Dog Runs, Grass, Gravel & Concrete, Patios, and Fences. Yard Odor Eliminator helps eliminate stool and urine odors. Spray on any outdoor surface. For use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture,...