Primal Raw Frozen Goat Milk for Dogs & Cats

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Primal Raw Goat Milk comes from free-range goats and is appropriate for dogs and cats of all life stages. The gluten free milk increases immune health, may aid in treatment of Irritable Bowel Disease, and provides nutritional support in the event of...


JustFoodForDogs Salmon Bark Dog Treats

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All Natural Handmade in our Southern California Kitchen Ideal for all dogs  Low fat treat ideal for dogs with fat restrictions Hypoallergenic treat may be ideal for dogs with food allergies or GI disease About The Manufacturer Just Food...


JustFoodForDogs Venison Dog Treats

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USDA Certified and Approved Venison Top Round Lean, High Protein Dog Treat Handmade in Our Southern California Kitchen Baked/dehydrated in our own ovens Absolutely no chemicals or preservatives - NOT JERKY! About The Manufacturer Just Food...

Zen Pet

ZenCone Soft Recovery Dog & Cat Collar

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ZenCone evolved from the “e” collar design and we took it a few steps further… by creating a hybrid design that provides a soothing and healing environment without the “shame” mood feeling of traditional e collars. The...

Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly Salmon Plus Dog & Cat Food Supplement

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The most complete source of Omega-3 fatty acids comes from a blend of wild-caught Alaskan salmon, pollock, and whitefish oils When Grizzly Salmon Oil became Grizzly Salmon Plus™, its omega profile got a fresh update: We increased its EPA levels...


OutFox Field Guard Head Protector for Dogs

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The patented OutFox Field Guard is designed to help protect dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses from foxtail penetration while walking or running over trails or through grasses and while engaging in casual sniffing. Additionally, the Field Guard can be...


Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs

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The Recovery Suit for Dogs is a professional alternative to a cone and full body bandage. Suitable for first aid purposes, hot spots, wound and bandage protection, skin conditions, being in heat, incontinence, and a lot more. The design is based on the...