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Stella & Chewy's only uses quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers that they know and trust.

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Protein-rich oven-baked kibble
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Coated with irresistible freeze-dried raw


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Choose from grain-free or wholesome grain formulas

About Stella & Chewy's Oven Baked

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This high-protein, grain-free diet starts with responsibly sourced ingredients. Next, they gently bake our kibble resulting in a less processed, more nutritional kibble. Finally, each and every piece is coated with Stella's own special raw goodness! The result is a special combination of pure raw nutrition and great taste that dogs are wild about!

The Stella & Chewy Story

Stella and Chewy employees

In the early 2000's, Stella & Chewy's founder, Marie found out her rescue dog Chewy was sick with distemper and began to prepare and feed him a raw diet. When Chewy's health quickly and dramatically improved, Marie decided to bring raw food to the masses. Starting from a tiny kitchen in a Manhattan apartment and making deliveries by taxi, Stella and Chewy's is now based out of Wisconsin, but is still committed to making the highest quality and safest food for your pets.