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What Do You Give the Pet that Gives You Everything?

Holidays and stress shouldn't appear in the same sentence, but it's too frequently the case that this time of year means a little extra - well, everything on your plate. We stress about time. We stress about money. We stress about getting everything done. And we stress about finding the exact right gifts.

And, ironically, we sometimes forget to include the one being on earth who is guaranteed not to be disappointed by that thing we got them. Pets give us so much all year round; they deserve a little extra treat. And they won't complain that something is too small, or too big, or not their taste. (Let's be honest, most cats are thrilled just by the box and the wrapping paper.)

And pet lovers, too, can be similarly easy to please. We love our best friends. Gift us something for our four-footed buddies and you'll make our "nice" list for sure.

So in case pet gifts hadn't made your shopping list (or they did, but you simply didn't know what to get), here are some ideas for the pets, and pet lovers, in your life.

Spruce Up Another Gift

So you've already bought Aunt Marsha that book she wanted, but want to throw in a little extra something for her cat. Skip the extra wrapping paper, and use that treat to make Aunt Marsha's gift more memorable.

gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas

Santa's Belt

gift ideas

A new leather dog collar can double as Santa's belt when fastened around a present wrapped in red paper. Ho ho ho!


gift ideas

Rudolph's nose may be in some serious danger here! Fasten a Kong and two deli treats to your package using non-toxic white glue; use a marker to add eyes, and you've got a memorable red-nosed reindeer.

Give Me That!

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You won't need a bow if there's a cat wand on that gift. If you'd like, add a simple drawing of a cat's paw reaching out for the wand, for inspiration - but even if you don't, kitty will know what to do.

Something for Everyone

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Show up with a bottle of wine and the adults will be happy. Wrap that bottle with a tugging toy for their favorite little friend, and everybody's tail will be wagging.

Package + Poo Bags

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The clip is already on there, so why not use it?! A patterned poo bag holder can add a little mmph to plain wrapping paper, and will be a welcome addition on winter walks.

Bow and Tag Substitutes

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Skip the bow and tag and go for something unusual. Spiral deli pizzles and a fresh new tag for your dog's collar can make a package look fun and festive, while also being double-duty.

Go Overboard, Basket-style!

Sometimes one gift isn't enough. Sometimes you have a whole bunch of love to share, or gifts to give. So give it a theme and make that gift extravaganza into something extra memorable.

gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas gift ideas

Dog Walking Delights

gift ideas

A dog walking goodie basket covers every part of the walk, from pit stops (poo bags) to training (treat pouch and treats) to destination (Frisbee). Plus a new collar and leash (with matching LED light for nighttime walks) is just the way to start a new year.

Happy Hanukkah!

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Go blue with a collection of treats, toys, and more practical gear. Plus, a squeaking, plush dreidel toy means that even the four-footed family members can get in the game, albeit bypassing the chocolate or penny prizes.

Cat Box (of Goodies!)

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Good things come in unusual packages. Give your cat a virtual wonderland of toys and treats, while also freshening up one of their most visited haunts. (A brand new cat box is a present for you, too.)

Little Box. Big Fun.

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Cats don't need a lot. Sometimes just batting a hair tie across the floor is good for hours of fun. But if you'd rather have a more traditional cat toy, and you want to spoil your feline friend, a small box of tinkling balls will make their year, and keep your home sounding festive.


Sometimes the perfect little gift is right there in front of you, if you just adjust your thinking. Pet tags can take on a whole new meaning when you give them a new context.

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Bespoke Ornament

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Your pet deserves to be remembered on the tree, and how better than with something shiny and personalized? Plus, this is one way your cat can finally reach that highest branch, without toppling the whole thing over.

Traveling Buddy

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Take your best buddy with you everywhere, even when you have to leave them at home. A pet tag with your pet's name on it for your keychain can be a nice reminder that no matter where you're going, there's love waiting for you when you get back.

It's the Outside that Counts
(and also the inside)

The basics seem less basic when they come with a bow on top. It's never a mistake to stick to the safe classics, but even a bow and a glass jar can go a long way toward making them more festive. Plus, you can never have enough Frisbees.

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Treats in a Jar

gift ideas

Ditch the plastic bags! Fill a canning jar with treats, and top it off with a circle of wrapping paper in the lid for a custom holiday look, while keeping the treats extra-fresh. Bonus!

The More the Merrier

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Nothing stops a fun day of fetch like a well-loved Frisbee that's been loved so much it won't fly anymore. Avoid that problem with a tower of Frisbees, all tied up with string, and the fun will stay high-flying for months to come.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Your pet doesn't necessarily need fancy presents or pretty packaging. And when it comes down to it, you are already giving each other the best gifts of all (that's love and devotion, of course!). But if you are feeling inspired to do it up, and give your buddy an extra treat, we hope some of these suggestions have helped. And if not, well, your pet will always be plenty happy with a simple bag of treats. But don't forget the bow.

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