Smiling Pet Food Express employees at Bay Area Pet Fair

About Pet Food Express

We're Pet Food Express and we help California pets and their parents live happier, healthier lives together. How? We listen, empathize, and collaborate to find answers to the toughest pet problems. Finicky cat? Barking? Leash pulling? We've been there—and we're here to help.

Our strategy is simple: we only sell products we trust for our own pets. That means we don't sell products with b.s. ingredients (that's bad stuff), and we get to know the people we buy products from.

We want to be the very best place to shop for your pets. We want you to be able to choose products with confidence, get them how and when you want to, and be sure of our support. Through it all, we want to be a force for good in the greater pet community. 


Choose with Confidence


Better Basket

Whatever your budget, we’ll help you provide the best possible nutrition for your pets.



Product Standards

No B.S. ingredients. That's no "bad stuff." If we wouldn't feed it to our own pets, we won't sell it for yours.



Leading Edge

From raw to fresh foods to hemp oil supplements, we’re always at the cutting edge of the pet industry.

How and When you want to


Neighborhood Stores

With 66 California locations, expert advice and personal service is always nearby.



Same-Day Delivery

Know what you want? Have it delivered to your door.



Convenient Services

From our self-service pet wash to wellness centers, our services are walk-in and available outside traditional business hours.

Depend on our support



Pet problem? We’ve probably been there and we’re here to help.



Peace of Mind

If a product doesn’t work for your pet, we’ll take it back—even if it’s opened and even if there’s slobber on it.




We help you connect to fellow pet people and work together to help homeless pets.

Force for good


Finding Forever Homes

We are the proud hosts of the Bay Area Pet Fair, the largest animal adoption event in North America. We also host weekly adoption events in almost all of our stores. We help find forever homes for 23,000+ animals a year.



Rescue + Shelter Support

Through our 20/20 program, we donate $20 for every 20/20 coupon we receive from an adopted animal from participating local shelters and rescue groups. We donate returned products to local animal rescue groups and our stores host two rescue fundraisers per year.



Community Involvement

We use our power to advocate for the pet community, from protecting off-leash dog parks to lobbying state legislators to support bills that protect pets. We are community leaders for disaster response, especially for fires.