Dog Training

Let the pet experts put
your pup on the right track.

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From “sit,” to “shake,”
and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking for puppy socials,
group training, or private, personalized
many of our stores offer
Dog Training classes to put your
pup on the right track.

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Set your puppy up for a lifetime of
good manners, habits, and behaviors.

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What is it?
  • Most classes are best for puppies aged 12-18 weeks old.
  • Learn basic obedience, house training, manners, and even some fun tricks.
  • A great way to socialize young puppies and build confidence in new environments.
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Learning obedience alongside other
dogs is a great way to reinforce training!

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What is it?
  • Best for adolescent or adult dogs, to continue learning or refresh the basics.
  • Class offerings vary from adult dog basics to advanced coursework.
  • Group classes are ideal to practice skills amid real-life distractions.
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Build a one-on-one plan just
for your dog and your schedule.

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What is it?
  • Offers owners more ability to customize their training schedule.
  • Great for dogs with individual training challenges and opportunities.
  • Shy, aggressive, and stubborn dogs can thrive with fewer distractions.
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Let’s get training!

Use the map to find a convenient
location that offers training near you.
Each location has a unique class
offering and schedule, so you’ll
need to call for details.

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Simply put, the Self-Service Pet Wash is the best place to wash your pets. We've thought through all the details to make things easy for you: premium shampoos, fresh towels, and air dryers.

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Some of our Self-Service Pet Washes have the option to use a special blend of H2O2 and water formulated just to clean pets. It's great for sensitive skin, and an excellent way to deal with problem smells like "skunked" pets.

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Vet Clinics are an affordable way to stay on top of your pet's vaccinations and screenings, get a microchip, and more-right at your local store!

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No appointment? No problem. At our Wellness Centers you can see a board-certified vet for routine care like physical exams, vaccinations, testing, nail trims, and more.

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From group puppy socials to private, personalized training sessions - many of our stores offer Dog Training classes to keep your pup on the right track.

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“When we train, we’re always trying to
take into account the dog’s point of view.”

— Dr. Ian Dunbar