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Learn how we support rescues, shelters, and the pet community.

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We’re passionate about pets and the communities we serve, so we’re always looking for ways to make an impact. By working with local organizations, shelters, and rescues, our stores host a variety of events that bring animal lovers together, with a focus on pet adoption.

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Pet Community

Caring about pets, and our local communities, is at the heart of who we are. So we ask a lot of both ourselves and our customers to make things better: fostering needy pets, fundraising for good causes, stepping up when the worst happens. And we are constantly blown away at how our customers are always there, ready to take on new challenges for the sake of our community.

Zero Pawprint promise

Zero PawPrint

Committed to making the planet a better place for pets, our Zero PawPrint Promise (ZPP) highlights sustainable brands that align with our mission to do better. Going above and beyond, these brands do their part minimizing negative environmental impact without compromising quality and transparency.