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We've teamed up with VIP PetCare to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care for pet lovers across the Bay Area and throughout California. You can bring your dog or cat to any of our Pet Food Express stores (except Carmel and Mountain View) to get comprehensive vaccines, standard heartworm and fecal tests, pet microchip I.D.s with lifetime registration, de-worming services, and more. You do not need an appointment to attend one of these non-emergency veterinary clinics. New pet? We’ve got you covered! (We can handle your kitten and puppy shots too!)


Clinic Pricing

Puppy Pack 1 5in1, Deworm, Fecal Test $60
Puppy Pack 2 5in1+Lepto 4, Nasal Bordetella, Deworm (Add Fecal Test...$15) $69
Puppy Pack 3 5in1+Lepto 4, Injectable Bordetella, Deworm (Add Fecal Test...$15) $69
Dog Pack 5in1+Lepto 4, Bordetella, Fecal Test $75

Vaccinations Available Individually

K9 Influenza Pack $39
K9 Rabies or Fecal Test to any Pack $15 ea.
K9 Heartworm/Lyme Combo Test to any Pack $15 ea.
K9 Heartworm/Lyme Combo Test (With Purchase of 12-Month Supply of Heartworm Preventative) $12
Kitten Pack 1 3in1, Deworm, Fecal Test $49
Kitten Pack 2 3in1, FeLV, Deworm (Add Fecal Test...$15) $56
Kitten Pack 3 3in1, FeLV, Purevax Rabies, Deworm (Add Fecal Test...$15) $69
Cat Pack 3in1, Purevax Rabies, Fecal Test (Exposed to Outdoor Cats add FeLV...$15) $67

Vaccinations Available Individually

Canine: Individual Vaccines
Rabies $19
5in1 (DA2P + Parvovirus) $33
Bordetella $33
Leptospirosis (4-way) $33
Lyme $33
Rattlesnake - Available Regionally $35
Feline: Individual Vaccines
PureVax Rabies $33
3in1 (FVRCP) $33
Feline Leukemia (FeLV) $33
Additional Services
Microchip Pet ID (Includes Lifetime Registration) $19
FeLV/FIV Test $35
Parvo/Distemper Titer (Qualitative ELISA) $65
Roundworm Deworm $19
Tapeworm Deworm (Dosage based on weight) From $29
Heartworm/Lyme Combo Test $31
Fecal Test (Intestinal Parasite Screening) $29
Nail Trims/Grind (limited Availability) $20
$3 medical disposal fee per pet