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What can I ask?

From food consultations to finding information about
specific products, our Pet Experts are here to help you
with all things pet related. If you’ve got a question, we’ll
try our best to find a solution for your pet’s needs!

  • We can help with:
  • food, appetite, and nutrition
  • supplements and gut health
  • fleas / allergies
  • sanitation / litter
  • skin and coat
  • training
  • grooming and bathing
  • pet anxiety and boredom
  • substitutions for products
  • age-related concerns
  • new pet questions
  • …and more!

Meet some of our Pet Experts!

Drawing of Pet Expert Lindsey J. holding her two dogs

Lindsey J.

Before she worked here, Lindsey was a customer first! She was hired at
Pet Food Express in 2008 as a Sales Consultant and worked her way up to
District Manager in Southern California.

What are your favorite customer questions?

I love challenging questions from pet parents, but I’d say that my
favorite topic is nutrition! There are so many food options and every
pet is unique, so finding the right match can sometimes drastically
change the health and quality of life of furry family members.

Angela H.

Angela has been with Pet Food Express for 11 years, having worked at
multiple locations, including managing the Concord store for 7 years.

What are your favorite customer questions?

I love when pet parents ask me about cat food and litter. Cats are so
individual, and it’s so satisfying to successfully find a food that
someone’s cat loves! I also wish more people would ask me about
rotational feeding - go ahead and give me a call now, and I can tell
you all about it!

Drawing of Pet Expert Angela H. holding her dog
Drawing of Pet Expert David C. holding his dog

David C.

Prior to joining the Pack, David has enjoyed a long career in retail and
understands the customer shopping experience. He’s been with Pet Food
Express over three years, having spent two years managing in our stores.

What are your favorite customer questions?

I know a lot about pet foods and supplements, and I love getting into
the science of why a product works for a pet. Besides that, I love
talking about training. It’s such an important topic!