Pet Community Support

This is our community. And so we ask a lot - of our customers and ourselves. Whether it’s fostering needy pets, fundraising for good causes, or stepping up when the worst happens, we are all here for our shared pet community.

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20/20 Coupon Program

We love win/wins. And the 20/20 is just that. Our 315+ nonprofit partners hand out this special coupon to pet parents that adopt, license their pet, or get their pet spayed/neutered. The pet parents receive 20% off their purchase, and Pet Food Express donates $20 back to the organization. In 2023, we donated $310,200 back to our partners through this program alone!

Signature Fundraisers

Big Fix Logo

Helping local clinics provide affordable spay and neuter surgeries for pets and stray colonies with toys that make a difference. Learn More

Kitten Season Logo

Supporting shelters and rescues during California’s seasonal influx of kittens. In 2024, over $179,230 was raised for 84 rescues & shelters.

Fill the Food Bank Logo

Providing food banks with healthy pet food and supplies for community members. Last year, 24 local food banks received $225,549 in contributions.

Holiday Shopping Spree

Our December campaign raises funds for rescues and shelters to buy food and supplies, with 112 shelters & rescues receiving $340,000+ in contributions in 2023.

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Warehouse Donation Program

We’re proud to be redirecting waste and giving a second life to returned items that are still usable. Through this program, we’ve been able to donate 317+ pallets of food, toys, treats, and more to 35 of our partnering shelters and rescues.

Pet Superhero

Pet Food Express is proud to work with a network of more than 300 animal rescues and shelters across California. Our Pet Superhero discount program is meant to thank the hard-working employees, volunteers, foster families, and countless other supporters that keep these rescues and shelters running. Learn More

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Friends Program

Friends by Pet Food Express is a way to donate money to a rescue or shelter, at no additional cost to customers. Every time customers shop online at Pet Food Express, via the rescue or shelter’s custom link, the organization will get a donation equaling to 4% of that purchase. It’s simple - and it adds up.

Rescue Reserves

Want to foster a pet? We make it easy! Designed to work with you, the Rescue Reserves program allows you to easily enroll in our rescue partners’ California database, matching needy pets with foster homes. The cost of supplies and medical care are taken care of by the rescue agencies; you supply the snuggles! Sign Up Today

Person hugging two dogs
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Fundraiser Donations

Big, meaningful change often appears through small grassroots events. We are proud to support fundraising events benefiting animal-related nonprofits and children’s schools in communities served by our stores, with contributions of product and/or gift cards totaling more than $15,000 annually. Learn More

Pet Professionals

From veterinarians and vet techs, to groomers, sitters, trainers, and more, it takes a lot of people working together to keep pets healthy and happy. The Pet Professional program provides food and supplies to these dedicated professionals at a generous discount, because people who dedicate their lives to pets deserve a reward. Learn More

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Pet Fair

This month-long event dedicated to pet adoption allows people from all over California to discover adoptable animals with the click of a button, while in-person events bring local communities together at their neighborhood Pet Food Express stores. In 2023, we helped 125 shelters and rescues find homes for 8,443 adoptable animals and donated more than $221,000+ to our rescue community. Learn More

In-Store Cat Adoption Centers

Our Cat Adoption Centers allow visitors to easily view adoptable cats from local rescues and shelters while shopping (because the more times you walk past that adorable kitten the harder it is to resist!). Our adoption centers help an average of 1,250 cats each year find their new lifelong homes. Find A Store

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