Your Pet is a Carnivore – feed them like one.

Jan 2nd 2020

Raw pet foods have been growing in popularity for years – and with good reason. Raw diets provide high-quality nutrition that closely matches what dogs and cats ate in the wild for millennia.Benefits of raw pet foodsPet parents who incorporate raw foods into their pet’s diets report the following benefits: Fewer allergies or controlled allergy symptoms – This results in lower vet bills and less physical discomfort for the pet. L...
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Appeal to Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Dec 7th 2019

Most domestic house cats live a pretty cushy life. Sometimes we forget that they are descendants of the big cats - the lions of the Serengeti, jaguars of Amazon forest, and snow leopards of the Himalayan Mountains. These big cats spend their days similarly to how our house cats do: they eat, sleep and groom themselves. There is one big difference between our purring machines and their ancestors: engagement in their natural instincts. Big ca...
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Holiday Food Safety: Pet-safe Foods and Alternatives

Nov 8th 2019

(Not a substitute for professional veterinary help)As we prepare for the Holiday season, many of us can expect a house full of guests coming together around the dinner table. It may be tempting to offer your pet the same delicious food you are enjoying. While there are plenty of foods that your pet can enjoy safely, many can cause stomach issues. To keep you pet happy and healthy during the festivities, make sure the food is pet-friendly o...
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