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Tell me about Kitten Season.
A combination of temperate weather and feral cats in heat creates the perfect conditions for an influx of kittens every spring. Many animal shelters and rescue organizations are already stretched thin, making it even more difficult for them to help these newborn kittens.
Our annual Kitten Season campaign directly supports these organizations with monetary contributions that they can use to purchase healthy food, litter, and other essential supplies from us. If you’ve ever been curious about how you can help or just needed that push to adopt or foster – this is your chance!
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A sudden influx of kittens means that shelters and rescues will be working harder than ever to meet the needs of the animals in their care. Fostering a cat helps these organizations focus their attention and resources on pre-wean kittens, who require round the clock care, and other cats who may need more help.

Bringing a foster cat into your home gives them the opportunity to decompress and fully express themselves outside of a shelter setting. This not only makes them happier, but it can also better prepare these cats for a home environment once they’ve found their forever home.

Join our Rescue Reserves to be enrolled in our California database and get matched with local rescues and shelters who need foster volunteers.

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Welcoming home a new cat or kitten is one of the best ways to help adoptable animals live long, healthy, and happy lives. Adoption frees up space in shelters and rescues for more animals that need help, and it’s also the start of a lifelong bond between you and your new pet. And if you’re interested in adoption, just remember – two cats are better than one!

Use links on the map to connect with rescues and shelters near you. Once you find a cat, you can ask questions, set up virtual meet and greets, and apply to adopt – all directly with the rescue partner.

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Adoption and fostering aren’t the only ways you can help out California rescues and shelters. Monetary contributions are always appreciated and go directly toward helping these organizations get all the foods, treats, toys, and other resources that their adoptable animals need.

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