Dog plays with Fog City Pet plush toys

Why Fog City Pet?

From reducing waste during production to utilizing recycled and recyclable packaging, Fog City Pet takes steps to create products that impact your pet’s life, not the environment.
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
California Based
Headquartered in the Bay Area, and invested in the local community
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
Lifestyle Enrichment
Enhances daily routines with natural and effective pet products.
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
Line drawing of a hand cupping a sprout
Committed to using ingredients and materials with low carbon footprints.

Learn More About Fog City Pet

Dog takes treat from hand

Treats for Dogs

Made with limited ingredients, Fog City Pet Treats are a testament to simplicity and quality. With carefully sourced salmon, duck, chicken, and lamb, their training treats contain just 2-4 calories per treat, while the chicken jerkies are uniquely formulated with pumpkin, bone broth, or goat's milk for an extra boost of flavor and nutrition.
A variety of Fog City Pet toys laid out in a park overlooking San Francisco

Toys for Dogs

With a variety of textures and sounds, Fog City Pet Toys are made from recycled materials wherever possible, and offer a variety of options for dogs with different playstyles. Their unique Twisties Toys are five feet long and can be tied or untied for pets to enjoy their crinkly and squeaky sounds. And their 2-in-1 toys are designed with a squeaky ball inside their outer shell which can be reused as a new toy further down the line.
Dog taking a bath with shampoo foam

Shampoos for Dogs

Formulated with plant-based ingredients and essential oils, Fog City Pet Shampoos are formulated to cleanse without stripping away moisture. Their biodegradable formula includes probiotics and is PH balanced to nourish pets with all types of skin and coats. Plus, when the bottle is done – 100% of it can be recycled!

The Fog City Pet Story

Man feeding Fog City chicken jerky to dog

Inspired by San Francisco’s spirit of sustainability, culture, and diversity, Fog City Pet takes on the task of creating unique lineups of items that cater to the different wants and needs of pets everywhere. With the belief that high-quality pet products shouldn’t negatively impact the planet, they take measures to use recyclable materials in their packaging and toys and other sustainable actions.

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