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Why The Honest Kitchen?

With 100% human-grade and responsibly sourced ingredients, The Honest Kitchen makes high-quality recipes specifically tailored to your dog’s needs, age, and activity level.

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Each recipe consists of the safest, healthiest, and highest quality 100% human-grade ingredients.

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Trusted Sources

Ingredients sourced from trusted partners who provide proof of origin for every batch.

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Inspired Recipes

From beef stew to parmesan chicken treats, formulas inspired by recipes you’d make in your kitchen.

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Dehydrated Foods for Dogs & Cats

What do you get when you combine all the benefits of a home-cooked, whole-food meal with the convenience of simply stirring in warm water? The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated diets are exactly that: all the flavor and nutrition of a fresh-prepared diet, without any fuss. They’re made with the same whole foods you’d use in your home kitchen, and prepared in a human food facility.

Wet Foods for Dogs & Cats

Partnering with a chef, The Honest Kitchen Moisture-Rich Foods are nutrient-dense options formulated with fiber-rich fruits and veggies. These hydrating diets not only offer more nutrition but added flavor as well! Use these delectable humane-grade pates and stews as a complete meal or as a nutritious meal topper.

Whole Food Clusters for Dogs

Whole Food Clusters are 100% human-grade and made with thoughtfully sourced protein and antioxidant-rich whole foods. They’re mixed in small batches, cold pressed, slow roasted and dehydrated to maintain the nutrients, aroma, and textures of whole foods. Scoop and serve with the same ease as other kibbles!

Meal Toppers for Dogs & Cats

Feeding your pet a rotational diet is a wonderful way to add variety and novelty to their lifestyle! The Honest Kitchen Meal Toppers add flavor, protein, and moisture with human-grade toppers, pour overs, and stews. And their Daily Boosters are shelf-stable goat’s milk or bone broth options that just need to be rehydrated before serving as a tasty drink or mixed into a meal. These toppers are easy to use and should always be fed in tandem to an existing diet.

Treats for Dogs

Good dogs shouldn’t get boring biscuits and treats! Each of The Honest Kitchen’s unique treat recipes use human-grade ingredients like goat’s milk, pumpkin, or parmesan cheese to pack a punch of flavor into each reward. Choose from low-cal Pecks that make a great training treat or Milk & Cookies for a great sweet treat.

The Honest Kitchen Story

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The Honest Kitchen started with one simple question: “Why?” Specifically, why was Honest Kitchen founder Lucy Postins’ dog Mosi having skin problems and ear infections? Was it his diet? The answer to this question led Lucy to create her own line of pet food. Over the next 15 years, The Honest Kitchen crafted a full line of 100% human-grade foods. The Honest Kitchen makes and serves the best food possible for the pets they love and helps so many passionate pet lovers do the same.

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