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Why Kiwi Kitchens?

Kiwi Kitchens is dedicated to creating the highest quality pet foods possible while remaining environmentally, socially, and ethically sustainable. All Kiwi Kitchens products are made without unnecessary fillers, grains, synthetic flavors, or colors.

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Sustainably Sourced

Certified eco-friendly ingredients
sourced from the highest quality farms
and waters of New Zealand.

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Limited Ingredient Formulas

Single source proteins help
avoid issues for pets with
allergies or dietary restrictions.

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Omega Rich Diet

Naturally rich in Omegas
to give pets noticeably healthier
skin and a shinier coat.

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Kiwi Kitchens Products

Gently Air-Dried
Dog & Cat Food

Kiwi Kitchens’ Gently Air-Dried recipes now use flaxseed, a rich source of natural fiber and Omegas for improved digestive, skin, and coat health. This nutrient-rich, highly palatable, and soft textured food is perfect for a full diet, a topper, or a treat. Each flavor features one grass-fed protein source, fresh New Zealand green lipped mussels, and a blend of high-quality vitamins and minerals to make a complete and balanced diet for all breeds and ages.

Freeze-Dried Raw
Dog Food

Kiwi Kitchens’ Freeze-Dried Raw is a healthy high meat diet that is biologically appropriate for all breeds and ages. Each whole food ingredient is exclusively sourced from New Zealand’s eco-friendly farms and sustainable waters. By freeze drying raw food, Kiwi Kitchens can ensure that every beneficial vitamin and mineral is readily available in your pet’s diet. To serve, mix equal parts food and warm water and allow time for the food to rehydrate.

Treats for
Dogs & Cats

Kiwi Kitchens’ dedication to quality and taste ensures that their treats are perfect for both dogs and cats. All Kiwi Kitchens treats use only one freeze dried raw meat ingredient, making them ideal for pets that have food sensitivities and need to avoid certain ingredients. These meaty treats are made from either liver, heart, or fish skins.

Gently Cooked
Frozen Dog Food Rolls

This whole food diet is the next installment in Kiwi Kitchens’ continued effort to produce the tastiest and most nutrient rich diets possible. The gently cooked rolls are minimally processed to allow for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients. Each flavor is made with 93% meat and is naturally rich in Omega 3s. Once thawed, these foods are perfect for a whole food diet or used as toppers.

Frozen Raw
Cat Food

Cats are avid hunters and thrive on a high-quality raw diet. Each Kiwi Kitchens raw diet is composed of 93% meat and a mixture of rich vitamins and minerals to guarantee a balanced and biologically appropriate diet for your cat. These raw cat diets come in 100% compostable packaging – saving the planet one meal at a time.

Canned Food
for Dogs & Cats

Canned foods are nothing new, but they have been revitalized by Kiwi Kitchens. Each can is produced with single protein source ingredients and contains 93% meat. These canned diets also contain fully traceable ingredients, no rice or grains, and Yucca schidigera, which is an effective natural stool deodorizer.

SuperFood Boosters
for Dogs

The finest super foods New Zealand has to offer are used to create these functional meal toppers. Each Super Food Booster is 82% meat and or fish and combined with valuable vitamins and minerals. Pour and mix a small amount onto your pet’s favorite diet for a boost of raw protein, superfoods, and taste.

The Kiwi Kitchens Story

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Kiwi Kitchens was founded by the Smith and Stewart families, who are passionate about both pet nutrition and New Zealand. The two families began with the goals of creating a unique and highly nutritious food that would be biologically appropriate for pets and affordable for owners.

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Kiwi Kitchens is built around the core belief that dogs and cats require higher levels of Omega 3s, protein, and the highest quality ingredients to create the healthiest life possible. They are proud New Zealanders and as such source all of their ingredients from New Zealand’s environmentally friendly farms and sustainable waters.