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Why Kiwi Kitchens?

Kiwi Kitchens is dedicated to creating the highest quality pet foods possible while remaining environmentally, socially, and ethically sustainable. All Kiwi Kitchens products are made without unnecessary fillers, grains, synthetic flavors, or colors.

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Sustainably Sourced

Certified eco-friendly ingredients
sourced from the highest quality
farms and waters of New Zealand.

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Limited Ingredient Formulas

Single source protein options help
avoid issues for pets with allergies
or dietary restrictions.

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Omega Rich Diet

Naturally rich in Omegas to
give pets noticeably healthier
skin and shinier coat.

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Gently Air-Dried Foods
for Dogs & Cats

Made with 93% animal protein, Kiwi Kitchens Gently Air-Dried Foods are nutrient-rich, soft textured options that naturally offer omega 3s, vitamins, and minerals. Their dog recipes utilize flaxseeds as a source of fiber and their cat recipes include fresh New Zealand green lipped mussels, which may decrease inflammation and help repair cartilage.

Freeze-Dried Raw Foods
for Dogs & Cats

As a healthy high meat diet, Kiwi Kitchens’ Freeze-Dried Raw Foods are biologically appropriate diets for all breeds and ages. Each whole food ingredient is exclusively sourced from New Zealand’s eco-friendly farms and sustainable waters. Freeze-dried preparation locks in beneficial vitamins and minerals to ensure that pets get the nutrition they need.

Wet Foods for Dogs & Cats

Kiwi Kitchens Wet Foods are a protein packed option that contains 93% meat. These moisture-rich diets are made with fully traceable ingredients without any rice or grains, and include Yucca Schidigera extract, which can naturally help deodorize stools.

Frozen Foods for Dogs

Made with 93% meat, Kiwi Kitchens Frozen Foods are minimally processed diets that allow for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients. These whole food diets are naturally rich in Omega 3s, and can be served on their own or as a topper with an existing diet.

Meal Toppers for Dogs & Cats

Kiwi Kitchens Meal Toppers add extra protein and nutrition into existing diets with ingredients that are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Boost cognitive function and immunity with their Salmon Dinner Dog Roll or wet food, add super food benefits with their Boosters, or increase raw protein intake with their New Freeze-Dried Toppers.

Treats for Dogs & Cats

All Kiwi Kitchens Treats are made with a single protein source, making them ideal for pets that have food sensitivities and need to avoid certain ingredients. These meaty treats are freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

The Kiwi Kitchens Story

Dog about to receive a Kiwi Kitchens Beef Liver treat

Founded by the Smith and Stewart families, Kiwi Kitchens is built around the core belief that dogs and cats require higher levels of Omega 3s, protein, and the highest quality ingredients to create the healthiest life possible. As New Zealanders, they are proud to source all their ingredients from New Zealand’s environmentally friendly farms and sustainable waters to give pets highly nutritious, biologically appropriate foods.

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