Looking back at the
2023 Pet Fair

Polaroid style images of different animals

Everything That's Happened

This year’s Pet Fair has come to an end after an entire month dedicated to pet adoption, rescue work, and community. Thank you to everyone that opened their hearts and homes to a new pet and to those who participated in our events and giveaways!

The Final Count

8,443 Adoptions
This year’s Pet Fair helped
8,443 animals find their new
forever homes!

The Donations

$211,075 in Donations
Pet Food Express donated $25
to partnering shelters and
rescues for every eligible
adoption, totaling $211,075.

Our Partners

145 Shelters & Rescues
145 shelters and rescues
joined us in making this
year’s Pet Fair a success.

Adoption Stories

Buster the dog


Peace of Mind Senior Dog Rescue

Buster came to us from Santa Cruz County Animal Services after his guardian had sadly passed away. His guardian’s passing left Buster traumatized, but once he had spent some time with two of our amazing fosters, Zee (who is also our Helping Paw Coordinator) and Kristi, Buster settled in nicely.

Buster is a mellow boy with very soulful eyes that are bound to make everyone fall in love with him. And that’s exactly what happened when his new mom, Nicole, saw Buster. She simply fell in love with his sweet face and beautiful eyes. Despite our previous concerns that Buster may be suffering from Cushing’s disease, which requires continuous medical care, Nicole wanted to proceed with the adoption.

Now, Buster and Nicole are living it up together and have already developed a strong bond. We’re also happy to report that the test for Cushing’s disease we did for Buster came back negative. Go Buster!

Clap your paws for this sweet pair! We’re so happy for Buster and Nicole.

Wingo Starr the peacock

Wingo Starr

Peninsula Humane Society

Wingo Starr was found hanging out in a high school parking lot where staff called PHS/SPCA for assistance. PHS/SPCA rescue staff arrive on site and were able to safely net the bird and bringing him back to our shelter. Since his wings were clipped, we were fairly certain he was someone’s pet, but no one came forward to claim him, so he became available for adoption. When his story was shared by local news outlets, his new family saw that he was available for adoption and immediately made a trip to PHS/SPCA to adopt him. He’s living with their flock of peafowl and made an immediate connection with their peahen. They have been sitting together and their peahen has been preening Wingo Starr.

Koa and Kaleo cuddling together

Koa and Kaleo

Compassionate Pet Sanctuary

Koa and Kaleo, now called Posey and Drake — their mom was rescued by a good Samaritan who saw some kids trying to stuff her down a storm drain! After no owner could be located and quickly figuring out the kitty was pregnant, Compassionate Pet Sanctuary stepped in. The mama cat has been spayed and the Good Samaritan who saved her has adopted her; meanwhile her two kittens Koa and Kaleo scored big time, going to a loving family where they can be together forever.

Polaroid style images of different animals

Pet Fair Event Snapshots

Polaroid style images of different animals

Thank You to Our Sponsors

This year’s Pet Fair wouldn’t have been possible without the generous help of our sponsors.