Bobbi Panter Botanicals Nourishing Dog Conditioner


Hydrates and soothes dogs’ skin and fur while relieving itching and dander with eucalyptus oil, mint oil, chamomile, rosemary and aloe vera gel. Eucalyptus mint fragrance.

About The Manufacturer

Bobbi Panter created her Natural Pet Products out of love for her blind dog, Bobo. 

After drugs used during eye surgery left Bobo's skin and fur dry and dull, Bobbi formulated her own shampoos and conditioners to solve these common problems.

Many pet shampoos actually DRY OUT your dog's skin and fur by using sodium chloride (table salt) to thicken them. Bobbi created her SALT-FREE products to contain high concentrations of essential oils. Without the drying salt, those essential oils penetrate the skin and fur to heal conditions such as hot spots and dry skin. Tangles, matting—even skunk spray—are no match for our shampoos and conditioners.

All Bobbi Panter products are natural, gentle and concentrated for value.

Bobbi Panter provides the very best SALT FREE, TEAR FREE natural pet grooming products. Our dog and cat shampoos and conditioners are each formulated to solve a specific skin and coat problems.

It's not just shampoo...It's skin care for your pet!